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Dollan Baths, East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire

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Dollan Baths, East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire

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Alan Muirden, RCAHMS staff

The soaring arch of the Dollan Baths has provided an appropriately modernist landmark in the New Town of East Kilbride since the building's completion in 1968. Designed by the architect Alexander Buchanan Campbell, the pool's construction was started in 1964 (the year of the Tokyo Olympics) and would eventually become the first Olympic-sized swimming pool to be built in Scotland. As a young boy growing up in the town, I learned to swim in the nearby swimming pools of Wishaw and Hamilton. Getting there involved pestering my parents to take me, and took up what seemed like huge amounts of time. By the time the Dollan Baths opened, I was 11 and able to get there on my own, or with friends, which is what we all did in the first week of its opening. It had everything. It had diving boards; it had a very deep 'deep end' to test the swimmer's ability to hold his breath; it had a good cafe which sold mushy peas to take home on a cold night; and it had a special observation window which allowed you to see the divers as they plunged into the water and streamed through it in a trail of bubbles. Most of all, it was ours - our town's - and we could go any time we liked. I must have swam in it dozens of times in those first months, and continued to use the pool regularly as I grew up, until I moved away and began to swim in larger ponds and bluer waters on holidays abroad.

22nd June, 6:00 pm

Kirsteen ferry, GLASGOW

i thought it was good when it opened, now its just manky.

27th October, 4:21 pm

simon parkinson, Eaglesham, Scotland

Since moving up to Scotland 10 years ago this has been one of my favourite buildings. Aesthetically interesting but also providing fantastic swimming facilities - perhaps the best is the extensive use for children's lessons and support for various clubs. When we are creating new public facilities let's be as imaginative and bold as this.

27th October, 7:23 am

Bill Young, Coventry

This brings back memories - of returning to Glasgow on half term holidays after we had "emigrated" to England in the mid 60's. A swimming pool bigger than we'd seen, trying for a whole length (aged 8) without stopping. Trying and failing to swim farther underwater than big brother. Magical place, at the time.



Region: Strathclyde

This photograph was taken by G Forrest Wilson c.1964-68. Attempts were made to establish the copyright holder of this image, if anyone has any information please contact us.
Alexander Buchanan Campbell Collection

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