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Pictish Symbol Stone, Aberlemno, Angus

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Pictish Symbol Stone, Aberlemno, Angus

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Carolyn Troup, RCAHMS staff

The carved stones at Aberlemno display three classes of sculpture attributed to an ancient group of people who lived North of the forth known as the Picts. These are not only well preserved representations of the stone working and artistic skills of the Picts but provide key insights into the social setting and culture of a group under represented in the written records of the time.The unique symbol markings seen on the Aberlemno 1 stone are an essential resource for understanding the Picts. These are continually studied and sketched in the hope of revealing their purpose or meaning, however no answers only possible interpretations have been drawn. This has added a sense of mystery to the symbols and the Picts who dominantly marked the Scottish landscape with these cultural statements. It is through sites such as Aberlemno that what remains of their landscape can still be visited and appreciated today.

18th November, 2:54 pm

mark brownrigg, Doune, Perthshire

is the symbol of a sun shining, with rays streaming from it, a pictish or a celtic/druidic symbol? can you please tell me if this symbol appears on any aberlemno stone, or on any other carved stone in angus or along the east coast. i would be grateful for any help in my research.


mark brownrigg



Region: Tayside

This survey drawing was prepared by RCAHMS in 2001

Votes: 29


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