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Prefabricated Aluminium Bungalow

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Prefabricated Aluminium Bungalow

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7th November, 6:07 pm

penni, catford london

i live in a pre fab. we are the last remaining in london .lewisham council want to demolish ours . we are fighting so hard to keep our homes . mine still has the original raeburn fire ,a treasure to me .some residents have been here since they went up . i dont want to end up on some nasty council estate if we have to go,but we will fight hard .

25th October, 8:29 am

jessica, East Lothian

I wish they would build these again. They could be starter homes for the 1,000's of young people unable to get their feet on the property ladder due to high house prices. Some places in the country still use these for elderly people. They are suprisingly spacious inside.

21st September, 2:52 pm

Mr Ewan Buchan, Aberdeen

My early years were spent living in a Pre-fab. My father was beginning his life again, with a young wife and family,after 4 years as a POW in Germany. The Pre-fab provided us with a wonderful sense of privacy and freedom, being detached and having a large garden. I imagine for low income parents they contributed considerably to the post war healing process. The area we lived in rapidly became a close-knit community. None of us wanted to leave when the time came for the Pre-fabs to be demolished. We were all moved to cramped flats, with smaller gardens. The community was split up. The experience cast a cloud over us.

The Pre-fabs were an invaluable exercise in social housing. They were a success. The authorities throughout Britain have rarely repeated it.

21st September, 11:50 am

Leanne McCormick, Edinburgh

Prefabs were built as a temporary measure to meet the urgent need to house thousands of people made homeless by the war. By 1948 almost 160,000 had been built in the UK, with over 32,000 constructed in Scotland.

Prefabs were typically aimed at families, and generally had an entrance hall, two bedrooms, a separate toilet, a living room and a kitchen. A bathroom was also included which was regarded as the height of luxury by many people at that time.

Initially designed to have a 5-10 year life span, many far exceeded this, with hundreds of prefabs still remaining as family homes today. Now spanning across three generations, prefabs hold a special place in the hearts of many, providing the backdrop to a whole host of memories.

This photograph was taken by an RCAHMS photographer as part of a threatened buildings survey in 2001. A large number of the prefab houses in that area were demolished, although some (including this one) still remain as family homes today.



Region: City of Edinburgh

This photograph was taken by RCAHMS 2001.

Votes: 23


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