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Red Road Flats

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Red Road Flats

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Oliver Brookes, RCAHMS staff

Finished in 1971, these eight blocks housed 4000 people and at 31 storeys were the highest flats in Europe. Glasgow Housing Association now plan to demolish them and start again. It is hard to believe such post-war optimism could go so badly wrong. Perhaps we should leave one of the strikingly monolithic blocks standing in the landscape as a symbol of optimism and confidence as well poor planning and folly.

29th October, 10:21 am

Angus Macleod, Western Isles

I find it difficult to swallow that an organisation like RCAHMS could possibly fail to get a tourist attraction like the world famous Callanish Stones into the top 100 favourite places in Scotland, and places like the Red Road Flats and Flats at Cannon Gate did.

When I was in Glasgow in the 1970s Red Road Flats were relativly new and were already looking like slums. The suggestion by Mr. Oliver Brookes to leave one them "standing in the landscape as a symbol of optimism and confidence as well poor planning and folly" is folly in itself. Monolithic construction would most certainly NOT stand the test of time like the neolithic construction at Callanish. On the other hand there is another monument at Oban, Argyle called McCabes' Folly, which was also bypassed by the RCAHMS in the first 100 list. Perhaps a name such as this could be given to the one Red Road Flats Block when the time comes to demolish the remainder.

23rd October, 11:41 pm

Geoff Owenson, Scotland

Astonishing skyline - I thinks these are the tallest residential blocks in Europe?

1st October, 4:20 pm

andy kennedy, balloch alexandria

i spent over 4 years of my life helping to construct these flats in the 1960s i told my children then that i would need no gravestone.

30th September, 8:22 am

Helen Hughes, Glasgow

The Red Road flats have become home to many people who are seeking asylum in Glasgow. When I look at the flats now I think of the many people I have come to know who live there, people from all over the world who have fled difficult and dangerous situations. Although they have come here for safety, those seeking asylum have faced many difficulties here, yet show such courage and give generous hospitality to those who have become their friends. This is why the Red Road flats are one of my most treasured places.



Region: City of Glasgow

This aerial photograph was taken by RCAHMS in 2005

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