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Trinity Hospital

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Trinity Hospital

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Iain Fraser, RCAHMS staff

Trinity Hospital was part of a whole community of Edinburgh swept away in the late 1840s with the advent of the railway, to make way for what is now Waverley Station. The hospital originated as an almshouse attached to the adjacent medieval Trinity College Kirk, also demolished at this time. Although long gone the memory of the kirk and hospital are preserved in images such as this drawing. This view presents the hospital as a secluded, leafy refuge, an apparent contrast to the Dickensian austerity usually conjured up by past institutions. Nevertheless, the simple domestic scene of hanging out the laundry still hints at the inmates' daily toil.

24th September, 11:08 am

Nick Watson, Edinburgh

Part of the complex swept away still survives. Trinity Apse formerly part of Trinity College Hospital and Apse still survives behind Jury's Inn on Jeffery Street. Originally the whold Trinity Church was due to be rebuilt here but they ran out of money. It is now a Brass Rubing Centre



Region: City of Edinburgh

This ink drawing was produced c.1840
Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland Collection

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