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Tayside Workshop

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Two Girls and a Man taking digital recordings

"The changing Face of Dundee"

This inter-generational workshop provided members of The Menolej Experience (a social group for retired men) and Higher Art & Design students from Morgan and Grove Academies, Dundee with the opportunity to explore the changes that have taken place in the Dundee townscape from its medieval developments to the present day. The workshop was designed to facilitate the generic learning outcomes (GLOs) identified by the Museums Libraries Archives 'Inspiring Learning for All' (ILFA) framework and to connect with the Curriculum for Excellence, aimed at enabling all young people to become 'successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors'.

I think I have more respect for Dundee. I didn't know anything about Dundee's history and now that I do, I think more of my city.

- Eve, Grove Academy


  • Graham Drysdale, Film-maker and Workshop Leader
  • Professor Charles McKean, The University of Dundee
  • David Easton, RCAHMS
  • RCAHMS Treasured Places Team